Friday, September 14, 2012

My Blogger Profile

The same concerns regarding my Google profile raised in my last post apply to my Blogger profile, as well. The company does tend to alter its users' pages without any real concern for what the users think about this, so I might end up creating a page that plays the role of a Blogger profile, hosted elsewhere and linked to from this post, for reasons to be explained in another post, hosted elsewhere for reasons of simple prudence.

My Blogger profile can still be found here.

My Google Profile

My Google Profile is, at this moment, serving as my Google profile. That, perhaps, sounds like a pointless joke, but it's not. I'm not at all happy with some of the changes in Google policy regarding those profiles, and might have a page elsewhere take the place of my Google profile, in the not impossibly distant future. If so, I'll update this post and the link on it.

For now, my Google profile is here.

A truly limited blog

If you can even call it that. This blog is about one subject only - my decision, not always voluntary, to move a page or journal. I publish it and off Feedburner updates for the convenience of those linking to my pages, so that they can be notified by e-mail when their links to my pages need to be updated. Unless you are one of those people, you have no reason to read this blog.

I'm not going to be sprinkling in anything interesting in order to alleviate the tedium, as per my usual practice. This blog is purely functional and will be about as exciting to read as a telephone book.